Stephen Lawrence Day

On Thursday we watched a live assembly on Stephen Lawrence. We listened to his Mum and brother tell us all about Stephen and who he was.

We then completed a talent tree and discussed about what Stephen wanted to be and what we in Martin Luther King want to be when we get older. On the talent tree we wrote down all the attributes we needed to achieve our goals.

All of the children were given a stone to design and paint stones.

Florence Bake off!

We had an exciting afternoon of baking, art and learning about the Easter Story yesterday.

We thought about the Easter story and the reasons why we have Easter Eggs and sweet treats at the end of lent and to celebrate the re-birth of Jesus. We talked about Spring and the animals being born such as lambs and chicks.

We linked this all to our final Design Technology project where we have been looking at developing our cooking skills, learning new recipes and compiling equipment and utensil lists. In groups, we made ‘Rocky Road’ where each child had a different job from the recipe to create our sweet treats.

Maths Problem Solving

We have been testing the children’s problem solving skills this weeks in maths. The children had to work out the ‘rounding’ questions and then match with the corresponding answer. They then had to link all of the questions and answers together to make a hexagon, this certainly had their brains working hard!

Busy day!

We’ve had a busy day today with an online assembly from Severn Trent Water about how our water is treated and how we can pledge to take responsibility to not throw waste into the water systems.

We then tasted two different types of bread in RE whilst looking at Holy Communion. We tasted a French baguette and naan bread and said what we were thankful for, especially after the pandemic and coming back to school. Many of the class said they were thankful to see their friends again.

Human Bingo

In Commando Joe’s this week, the children were using the RESPECT skill of communication. They played the Chicken and the Egg Game to use non-verbal communication which they enjoyed. They then played a game of Human Bingo where they had to ask questions to find people who had completed various ‘lockdown’ activities such as baking, gardening or learning something new.

Welcome Back!

We were so excited to see the children back in school yesterday. We completed some practical maths skills outside where the children were measuring perimeter and area of different shapes around the school. They showed Taylor the Team Work Star by working in pairs to use the metre ruler stick and record their measurements.

Home Learning Timetable

Hi everyone,

Please see the timetable below as a guide for when home learning activities should be completed.

Please remember this is just a guide, so please feel free to do whatever works for you. The lessons for each day will be posted each morning between 8-9am.

The full home learning planning will be posted shortly and a video will be posted on Seesaw every morning highlighting the activities that should be completed that day.